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      Martin McGuire International Real Estate
      +44 7881 387690 Email
      Commercial Property Consultants & Chartered Surveyors

      Martin McGuire International Real Estate

      Commercial Property Consultants / Chartered Surveyors


      We are an independent Commercial Property Consultancy offering a bespoke and discreet service to professional and institutional investors operating across Western Europe and the UK, leveraging off an extensive and first-hand knowledge of the investment markets, key assets and principal investors.

      We are ready to work with clients and their other advisors to generate an effective property strategy for single assets or portfolios to which this expertise can be applied and to then work on the implementation through to a successful conclusion. This is for directly held assets in all commercial sectors, risk profiles and lot sizes. We are also ready to support Fund Managers and Investment Companies by introducing institutional investors to invest in their in-direct real estate vehicles operating on a global basis.

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      +44 7881 387690

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